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Boating on the River Severn

At last a sunny day so took the boats down to Shrewsbury at a leisurely pace with our eldest daughter swimming most of the way!

Date: 13th July 2012

Meet Malcolm

Meet Malcolm who is just a regular type of laid back guy.

Date: 1st June 2012

Watching 'Squirrel TV'

Who needs a television when there is 'Squirrel TV' on hand.

Date: 1st May 2012

Potato planting season

Once again it is this time of year and at last all our potatoes are in and now hoping for some rain.

Date: 1st April 2012

Feeding the Bio-mass Boiler

The new biomass boiler will take quite some feeding and Simon and his family gang have been thinning some of the timber we planted on the banks above the River Severn in the late 70’s.

Date: 1st March 2012

The Isle goes Green

Having re-roofed our grain storage barn these photo voltaic solar arrays have been fitted in a matter of days and connected into the underground cables laid in October 2011.

Date: 1st February 2012

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