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Flooding on the River Severn

The River Severn has done what she always does when we have 'enjoyed' plenty of rain...namely burst her banks and left us farming a considerably reduced acreage.

Date: 1st January 2013

Winter has arrived

The cold has arrived which is no bad thing as we need our seasons even if the wood chip boiler has to earn its keep heating the house for our Bed and Breakfast.....not to mention Ros who does not do cold houses!

Date: 1st January 2013

Water, water and more water!

At the Isle some 270 acres disappear under The River Severn when it is in full flood, with the water level will coming up in the region of 14 foot in the space of about twenty four hours.

Date: 1st December 2012

Chipping wood for the bio-mass boiler

Chipping wood for the bio-mass boiler was the event this month.

Date: 1st November 2012

A frustrating time planting on the farm

This has been one of the most frustrating planting seasons in memory due to the wet weather.

Date: 1st October 2012

Harvest time on the Isle Estate

Wet, wet and more rain. Harvesting has been a chore but Guy has got on with the job as best he could (seen here in a field of wheet called ‘Spine Road Right One’).

Date: 13th September 2012

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