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The Isle goes Green

Having re-roofed our grain storage barn these photo voltaic solar arrays have been fitted in a matter of days and connected into the underground cables laid in October 2011.

Date: 1st February 2012

High Winds on the Estate

Sadly this Turkey Oak weakened by bracket fungus was brought down by the high winds.

Date: 13th January 2012

Harvest nearly complete

At last the year's harvest is nearly complete with all the cereals combined, straw bailed, drilling started and just one field of potatoes to lift.

Date: 31st August 2011

Harvest underway

Harvesting is now underway, with three fields of Premiere potatoes (an early variety) nearly all out of the ground and transported on to be graded prior to dispatch to McCain's.

Date: 1st August 2011

Boating on the Severn

How nice to have summer with us again and the boats have been floated on The River Severn for some expeditions down to Shrewsbury.

Date: 1st July 2011

'Pink Potter' Walk around the Isle Estate

Harvest forecasts are down for the majority of North Western Europe and whilst our cereals look in good health we desperately need the rain now if our yields are not to suffer too much.

Date: 13th June 2011

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